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Hogsmeade Village | Sean's Photos

Hogsmeade Village

Saturday December 23, 2017

I was at Universal Studios Florida last week and walked through Hogsmeade Village from the Harry Potter franchise. the setting is amazing, however due to the massive number of people it is hard to get a good photo and essentially impossible to use a tripod, mine was in the hotel room anyhow.

I've included two shots here which you can change by using the slider. On the left is the HDR version and on the right is the center exposure of the 5 used for the HDR with some editing in ON1 Photo Raw. I like both, but the sky definitely came out better in the HDR version. I set the deghosting to very high but still have some ghosting effects. I'm not sure if that's a weakness in ON1 or due to the massive amounts of people and deghosting required.

Not bad for a hand held, 5 exposure, HDR shot.