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POTD day 63 Kimpo Airport | Sean's Photos
POTD day 63 Kimpo Airport

POTD day 63 Kimpo Airport

Friday March 04, 2011

Today one of my friends flew up to Seoul from Kwangju so I decided to head out to Kimpo Airport to meet him. Part of the reason was to get the photo of the day as it is unlikely that I'll have another reason to go there before I leave the country. I took several photos of the domestic terminal and uploaded them to a flickr set: Kimpo Airport. Would like to go back and shoot the international terminal, but doubt I'll have time. This shot is the tunnel connecting the subway to the actual airport itself. it's quite long and looks much nicer than I remember it. it's been a long time since I was last there and there have definitely been improvements since Incheon International airport was built.