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POTD day 96 Seoul Motor Show | Sean's Photos
POTD day 96 Seoul Motor Show

POTD day 96 Seoul Motor Show

Wednesday April 06, 2011

Today I took my son to the Seoul Motor show. He really enjoyed the cars and kept asking me to buy every car we saw. If only were that wealthy. It was a challenge to take good photos for a number of reasons. The light changed a lot depending on where you were and how many spot lights were on the vehicles. Also it was fairly crowded despite being on a Wednesday morning. Finally I was with my 5 year old son and he only had so much patience for me to compose shots and adjust settings on the camera - mostly I rushed to keep him happy. One thing I was happy about is that I had enough space so that I could use my 17-50 lens which allowed me to zoom occaisionally but still get wide enough for most shots. Had my 10-24 lens with me, but didn't use it at all. I've created a flickr set so if you'd like to see more cars & girls go check out Seoul Motor Show 2011.